San Mateo, CA professional offers laser tattoo removal for any skin type and ethnicity

Tattoo Removal Services San Mateo CA area

While many patients think that tattoos are permanent, this isn’t always the case anymore! Thanks to continued advances in medical treatments and laser technology, patients of the San Mateo, CA area can now have their tattoos completely removed with laser tattoo removal for any skin type. What types of tattoos can be removed? Some types of tattoos respond quicker to laser tattoo removal than others. This includes: Traumatic tattoos Homemade tattoos using Indian ink Tattoos using poor quality inks Our team also offers black skin tattoo removal, thanks to the adjustments that can be made to our laser devices. We … Continue reading

Tired of that tattoo? Dermatologist in San Mateo, CA offers laser tattoo removal


Do you have a tattoo that no longer brings you joy? You are not the only one. Approximately one in every five adults in the United States has a tattoo, and up to 20% of those individuals live with tattoo regret. The good news is, you don’t have to face regret every day in the mirror. At Allura Skin & Laser Center, we offer individuals in the San Mateo, CA area, a solution to tattoo regret. Laser tattoo removal with the MedLite® C6 Series Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted tattoos. There are many … Continue reading