At Allura Skin Laser Center, Inc., Dysport is administered in our San Mateo practice only by physicians. We have been one of the top providers of Dysport on the San Francisco peninsula for many years since it became available in 2009.

Our dedication to excellent skin care and rejuvenation is the foundation of our practice. If you’re considering Dysport treatments in our San Mateo center, request an appointment online or call our office at (650) 344-1121 and a member of our team will help schedule an appointment.


Dysport is an injection used to temporarily improve the appearance of lines caused by the action of the facial muscles. The goal is to provide a more youthful, relaxed, natural appearance.

How It Works

Dysport works much like BOTOX® Cosmetic by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles, causing the muscles to relax. This effect begins within 5 days of treatment and lasts for 3 to 6 months.


Dysport treatments are generally quick with little to no downtime, and the injections cause minimal discomfort. We offer numbing cream and ice for patients that are interested, though most patients do not find it necessary. It is best to avoid aspirin and non-steroidal medications for at least a week before treatment if possible to minimize the risk of bruising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dysport is commonly used to treat:

  • The frown lines between the eyebrows (the 11's)
  • The horizontal forehead lines
  • The lines at the outer corner of the eyes (the crow's feet)
  • Lifting of the eyebrows
  • Neck bands
  • Lines around the mouth

Our goal is to give you a natural look, and to do this we must ensure that you have expression. It is the primary reason to rely on our expertise and experience.

We use a fine needle for injections, and most patients feel minimal stinging. This can be reduced with the use of ice or a numbing cream, but most patients do not find this necessary.

Cost will vary by the amount of Dysport used. Each patient is evaluated individually to determine the optimal placement and amount needed for the desired effect. This is where our expertise and experience come in.

Yes. When used properly for cosmetic indications, side effects are uncommon and are limited to the area treated. Serious side effects are extremely rare. Less serious side effects include bruising, asymmetric effect, and eyelid droop (uncommon). These side effects are temporary.

Do not take Dysport if you:

  • Are allergic to the ingredients in Dysport
  • Are allergic to cow's milk protein
  • Have had an allergic reaction to BOTOX or Myobloc
  • Have a skin infection at the planned injection site
  • Have a disease affecting your muscles and nerves (such as ALS or myasthenia gravis)
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

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