Why an Acne Facial with an Esthetician Will Help You Unlock Radiant Skin

Are you battling acne? Acne can leave you with unsightly breakouts, unattractive skin bumps, and stubborn scarring that can make you self-conscious.

Fortunately, you can address these and other skin concerns with regular acne facials. Keep reading to learn why an acne facial with an esthetician will help you unlock radiant skin and keep your skin clear and glowing.

What Is an Acne Facial?

An acne facial is a specialized skincare treatment that targets acne-prone skin. Unlike regular facials, these specialized facials go beyond the skin’s surface to address the underlying causes of acne, thus improving your skin’s condition and appearance.

“I, along with my colleagues here, often recommend regular acne facials with our esthetician, as part of a multi-faceted acne treatment program. When added to a patient’s program provided by their dermatologist, plus an at-home skincare regimen, acne facials can clear up breakouts faster and help prevent future ones,” said Andrew Menkes, MD of The Menkes Clinic, A Golden State Dermatology Affiliate.

A licensed esthetician, like those we have at Golden State Dermatology clinics, should perform the acne facials for the best results.

How Can an Acne Facial with an Esthetician Help You Achieve Radiant Skin?

An acne facial with an esthetician at Golden State Dermatology can rejuvenate your skin in the following ways:

Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing is designed to deep clean the pores. Your esthetician will use special ingredients to eliminate dirt, excess oil, and other impurities in the skin that can contribute to breakouts.

After the first cleansing, they will clean the skin again to remove all traces of oil, dirt, and debris. By thoroughly cleansing your skin, acne facials give you a clearer complexion.


Exfoliation is an essential step in any acne facial. It addresses one of the root causes of acne: clogged pores.

Clogged, congested pores are breeding grounds for P. acnes, the acne-causing bacteria. Exfoliation aids in decongesting pores.

In acne facials, chemical exfoliation is often preferred over physical exfoliation. It’s gentler on breakouts and minimizes the risk of irritation and micro-tears that can occur with physical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation utilizes acne-fighting acids to stimulate exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants penetrate deeper layers and break up dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

Estheticians gently exfoliate the skin with professional-grade exfoliating acids. These remove dead skin cells and debris, preventing them from building up and clogging pores, improving skin texture.

Exfoliation also minimizes the appearance of large pores, further creating a more refined skin texture.

Acne Extractions

An acne extraction is the process of clearing compacted or clogged pores. Extractions can improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

While you may be tempted to squeeze out a stubborn pimple, improper extraction can trigger more skin irritation and cause scarring. A bacterial infection can also occur if you push too aggressively or in the wrong direction, forcing contents deeper into the skin.

An expert esthetician can quickly determine which bumps should be removed, which ones shouldn’t, and which require more time. They’ll safely remove clogged pores manually or with sterilized tools, preventing more damage or the potential for infection spreading.

The most effective extraction is on whiteheads and blackheads. Extracting active acne lesions and bumps isn’t recommended.

After an extraction, your skin will have a more even texture, feel smoother, and look revitalized and healthier.


Acne facials aim to eliminate bacteria and remove buildup in pores, dead skin cells, and excess sebum without triggering a sebum response. Your esthetician will include hydration in your facial, like hydrating serums or a deep hydrating mask, to replenish and increase moisture levels in the skin.

Adequate hydration soothes irritation and prevents excess oil production while keeping skin toned and rejuvenated. It also boosts the skin’s elasticity, leaving it supple and plump.

LED Light Therapy

Skin can shine the brightest with LED light therapy. Light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment that addresses acne at a cellular level.

LED lights set off a biochemical reaction in the skin, encouraging cells to produce more oxygen and reinforcing the skin’s cellular structure. These reactions lead to decreased inflammation, fewer acne breakouts, and plumper, brighter skin.

LED therapy uses light at different wavelengths to address various skin concerns. Each wavelength targets specific layers of the skin to achieve different results.

Your esthetician will expose your skin to various types of LED wavelengths. Depending on your individual skin concerns, they may use one wavelength or a combination. Using a combination of wavelengths is usually more effective than using only one.

LED wavelengths are seen as different colors of the visible light spectrum. Each color provides its own skin benefits.

Blue Light

Blue light reaches the uppermost layer of the skin or dermis. It helps regulate sebum production and eliminates acne-causing bacteria, allowing you to heal deep into the individual layers of the skin.

This can lead to fewer breakouts in the future. Blue light also soothes flare-ups, reducing the irritation and redness of existing pimples.

Yellow Light (Amber)

Yellow light reaches the deepest layer of the skin and has a shallow penetration level. It rejuvenates skin cells, decreasing inflammation and redness.

It also boosts the production of red blood cells in the skin, which reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. In addition, yellow light encourages blood circulation, accelerating wound healing and improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture and stay hydrated.

Red Light

Red light reaches deep within the skin and activates natural cell repair. It promotes healing and improves skin tone, texture, and complexion.

Red light also stimulates collagen production, which keeps the skin looking vibrant and youthful.

Green Light

Green light penetrates the skin to a shallow depth. It soothes irritation and offers relief from blemishes and breakouts. Like yellow LED light, green light minimizes hyperpigmentation.

It keeps melanin from reaching the skin’s surface while limiting its overproduction. Green light also contains anti-inflammatory properties that are important in calming redness. With green light therapy, you can attain a more radiant tone.

Reveal More Vibrant Skin with an Acne Facial

Golden State Dermatology offers meticulously tailored acne facials that will combat acne, help you maintain healthier skin, and restore your brilliant natural glow.

“Performing acne facials for our patients is one of my favorite treatments to do. Helping someone achieve clearer skin and boost their confidence is so rewarding,” said Shawna Nelson, Licensed Esthetician at The Menkes Clinic, A Golden State Dermatology Affiliate. “It’s why I do what I do!”

Are you interested in acne facials? Achieve more beautiful skin by booking your appointment online at one of Golden State Dermatology’s convenient locations!

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