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At Allura Skin and Laser Center, patients in the community of San Mateo, CA interested in speaking with a dermatology provider about the benefits of IPL therapy are welcome to connect with our staff. We can discuss the benefits of IPL for smooth, younger-looking skin!

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This treatment uses light energy to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Also known as a photo facial, IPL treatments are non-invasive and provide noticeable skin rejuvenation with today’s amazing technology.

What can IPL do for the skin?

Many patients utilize IPL treatment for:

  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Pigmentation areas
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Mild to moderate acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Poor texture and tone
  • Rosacea

What can I expect with IPL treatment?

Therapy using intense pulsed light is achieved with a particular device. This device has a smooth handpiece that delivers the light energy deep into the skin. The handpiece is pressed against the skin and used in the entire treatment area, administering pulses of light that can penetrate deep and help restore the skin’s appearance. For IPL facials, patients only need to carve out about thirty minutes of their day to achieve desired results. In most cases, patients may undergo several treatments for optimum results, typically anywhere from four to six sessions. Patients can go right back to their day without interruption.

How long does it take to see the results from IPL treatment?

IPL treatment is non-invasive, allowing patients to return to normal activities immediately after their therapy sessions. There is no recovery time, though the results from IPL treatment is gradual. Patients will notice that their skin begins to improve over the course of several weeks, and with each treatment, the skin is rejuvenated even more!

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Does my insurance cover IPL therapy?

In most situations, the cost of IPL treatments is considered an elective treatment. Therefore, most insurance companies will not offer reimbursement or coverage. However, we do encourage patients to bring their health insurance card with them to their appointment so our front office team can look into possible coverage with insurance policies.

Who is a candidate for IPL therapies?

Who is a candidate for IPL therapies in San Mateo CA area

Most patients can enjoy IPL treatment as a safe and effective way of enhancing the skin’s texture and tone while reducing the appearance of problems such as pigmentation concerns or fine lines and wrinkles. Most patients can benefit from IPL treatment sessions. To decide if IPL is right for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our professionals to discuss this and other solutions available. Not everyone is a proper patient for photo facials, so speaking with us is a wise first step for most men and women.

How much does IPL treatment cost?

Many factors go into the final cost of treatment. This includes the area being treated, the size of the area, and the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve results. By speaking with us, patients can get a more accurate quote as to the cost of IPL photo facial services from start to finish.

Do I need to continue treatment for several years?

While patients interested in combating a single issue may be able to cease treatment after their initial session, some patients like to see continued results and maintain their skin’s health and appearance. To do this, patients should schedule follow-up therapy sessions that may occur every few months to keep the skin looking great and maintain the youthful appearance they’ve strived for. During the initial evaluation with our team, patients can ask about long-term treatment.

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Allura Skin and Laser Center in San Mateo, California is here to help patients achieve beautiful, younger-looking skin that is healthy and smooth! If you are ready to discuss the possibility of undergoing IPL treatment, we welcome you to book a consultation with our team. Call  (650) 344-1121 and visit us at 280 Baldwin Avenue. Our staff can assist with IPL and other light-based treatments for the skin and body.

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