Alluring skin is yours without downtime, discomfort – Enjoy the benefits of Fraxel treatment in San Mateo CA

Treatment Benefits of Fraxel San Mateo CA area

The board-certified dermatologists at Allura Skin & Laser Center love restoring or maintaining each patient’s alluring appearance with a range of non-surgical yet highly effective therapies. The team lives up to the “laser” in its name with a suite of devices designed to get maximum results with minimal risks, side effects, and downtime. Many patients have experienced firsthand the treatment benefits of Fraxel in San Mateo CA at the elegant home of Allura Skin & Laser Center. The Fraxel Difference The makers behind Fraxel, Solta Medical, market it as the “original fractional skin resurfacing treatment.” Historically, patients who wanted to … Continue reading

San Mateo, CA dermatologist describes how Fraxel treatment will benefit you

How Does in San Mateo area Fraxel Treatment Benefit You

San Mateo, CA area patients interested in improving their skin’s appearance and health may feel overwhelmed at the many choices available to them. With so many treatments that are used for skin enhancement, patients are unsure as to which one is best for them. Our dermatologists at Allure Skin and Laser Center, including Drs. Bruce Maltz, Carie Chui, and Meghan Hession, are here to help. Our team members may recommend Fraxel treatment for a variety of skin issues, as it can provide amazing results. It says RECOMMEND – It does NOT say provides. Huge difference in the meaning of the … Continue reading