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Laser Treatments

Cosmetic lasers use certain wavelengths of high-intensity light, and are designed to target specific skin structures. Usually requiring several sessions for best results, laser skin treatments in our San Mateo clinic can provide effective treatment for a wide range of conditions.

We offer multiple laser applications for the skin and use several different types of lasers to meet patient needs.

About Laser Hair Removal

Allura Skin and Laser Center has extensive experience with laser hair removal, providing it in the San Mateo area since the 1990s. We use a GentleMax® laser — a hair removal laser for all skin types — to safely remove unwanted facial and body hair. The GentleMax system includes two different lasers: Alexandrite, which works best on lighter skin types and finer hair; and Nd:YAG, which works best on darker skin types and coarser hair.

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